Global Hands Publishing

Global Hands Publishing has been set up to provide the intellectual muscle to the development hands of our organisation. It seeks to publish a range of publications including poetry, novels and children’s books. These publications are geared towards adding critical voices, especially Southern perspectives, to the development and globalisation debate.


Tijan M. Sallah 

In this book, Tijan M. Sallah has written a remarkable first collection of African short stories.  It is a landmark of Gambian literature.  Steeped firmly in the tiny country’s experience, the narratives present the moral tales of a society dealing with life and death, family life, social injustice, crime and punishment, and the moral dilemmas of living in a contemporary African society. The characters engage in complex human relationships and want a better world, a new earth. 

Patriots: Profiles of Eminent Gambians 

This book seeks to capture the history of The Gambia over the past three hundred years through the life stories of men and women who have helped to shape the destiny of their country. The people profiled in this book were ordinary and unassuming Gambians; little could they have known that their actions would be counted one day by historians as central to the evolution of this country. 

Gendered Voices From The Gambia (2015)

Pierre Gomez and Isatou Ndow 

This book builds on the growing academic literature on gender. It draws on a number of Gambian works to analyse gender in contemporary Gambian fiction.  It focuses on challenging the social construction of gender norms, inequality and abuse whilst analysing how gender norms and stereotypes are represented, reinforced and challenged in significant facets of Gambian literature.  A useful book for students, scholars and lay persons interested in African literature, gender studies and Gambian studies. 

Patriots: Profiles of Eminent Gambians (2015)

Hassoum Ceesay

This book captures the history of The Gambia over the past three hundred years through the life stories of men and women who have helped to shape the destiny of the country. A journey through this volume leads to a critical understanding of Gambian history, spanning the pre-colonial slave trade to resistance to European penetration, to the era of colonial rule; to the nationalist awakening leading to independence. 

Baaba Sillah: Reclaiming the Mantle (2015)

Pierre Gomez and Malang Fanneh

Time travelling through the annals of history, Baaba Sillah stands tall as a literary giant for whom the communication of historical insights constitute both a passion and preoccupation. In this book, Gomez and Fanneh have used a holistic thematic approach to examine a myriad of historical, political, socio-economic and cultural themes that are explored in the works of Sillah.  It explores the dynamics of gender, culture and power relations in both the colonial and post-colonial Gambian society.

Harrow: London Poems of Convalescence (2014)

Tijan M. Sallah

Harrow: London Poems of Convalescence is a unique collection of poems from the renowned Gambian writer. Rhyming, simple and reflective, they depart from the poet’s usual free verse. The poems deal with the near-death experience of a pedestrian hit by a car in London, the agony of pain in recovery and finally, the magic of healing. It is poetry geared towards a private function, quite unlike his other poems, which extol either Gambian Wolof values or criticize American racism and materialism.

Harvest of Gambian Lines: An Anthology of Poems (2014)

Edited by Abdoulie Jatta and Musa Jallow

These poems offer a vision of the world beyond the physical sense, where the seed of peace germinates and breaks into leaf to line the walls of faith and selfhood. This is an anthology that demonstrates what happens when writing is dedicated to socio-political and economical changes; particularly concerning the issues that many Africans face: debt; religiosity; poverty; venality of rulers and the betrayal and threat to innocence. These poets bear witness to the interior landscape of the cellular workshop of their very beings.

The Graveyard Cannot Pray (2013)

Baba Galleh Jallow

This book is an autobiographical account of one man’s battle to save his daughter from female circumcision. A struggle that is defiant of a harmful traditional practice and defective constructions of normality. This is perhaps the first autobiographical account of a male perspective articulating to battle against Female Genital Mutilation. The Graveyard Cannot Pray throws into sharp relief four interconnected phenomena: the conflict between an older and younger generation; the communal nature of conflict and resolution among the Futa Fulani; the Fulani notion of son-hood, and the potential complications that arise when the sanctity of tradition is stood in opposition against the sanctity of faith.

Innocent Questions (2012)

Momodou Sallah

This collection of poems harnesses the theme of struggle in a way very few writers have been able to. The author combines his background of growing up in The Gambia and an adult life residing in the UK to great effect: a fusion of writing styles and constructed realities. The poems in this collection jump from the pages and evoke palpable emotions. This collection of thirty two poems explores a range of pertinent issues with a complex simplicity that is dramatic and mesmerising; from the dreams of an African schoolboy to the frustrations of a consummate professional in Babylon.