Who We Are

Setup as a Community Interest Company, Global Hands aims to tackle issues regarding local and global inequality by raising consciousness about local and global issues through community engagement. Additionally, Global Hands is interested in supporting people build their capacities to address these issues. Our belief is that we should teach people how to fish, rather than just give fish.
a cute puppy looking into the camera Momodou Sallah

Chair, Board of Directors

a cute puppy looking into the camera Ayolah Hanley

International Development Director

a cute puppy looking into the camera David Judge

Education & Public Engagement Director

a cute puppy looking into the camera Daniel Sturrock

Communications Manager

a cute puppy looking into the camera Paris Connolley

Publications Manager

a cute puppy looking into the camera Muhammed Drammeh

Finance Manager

Gambia Development School

Get involved with our Gambia Developement School trips, available throughout January, April, June & November!

How We Work

Global Hands engages communities through informal and non-formal methodologies to provoke their consciousness leading to an action they choose that is commensurate to their abilities. Global Hands presently delivers its objectives through three departments and four inter-linked location/activity based chapters:

Our Guiding Principles

1. Nonviolence

We as a group do not condone violence in any shape or form and reject it in all its manifestations as a tool for bringing about sustainable change. All our activities will be guided by this principle and we will not also endorse any group or act that contradicts this cardinal principle.

2. Neutrality in partisan politics

Whilst we respect the rights of individuals to seek political office or support candidates of their choices, Global Hands will not actively support, endorse or reject political parties. However we are quite clear that we are involved in the politics of development and we will not shy away from this process and making active pronouncements where necessary.

3. Development through the grassroots

Our approach is to work with people to build their capacities in order to transform their lives. There is no quick fix solution and we cannot go to the proverbial mountain top and then stretch out our hands for the people to join us, based on our own terms. This journey must be with the people at all times, based on their constructed realities and in negotiation with them always. It might not always be comfortable or predictable, but it is one that will stand the test of time.

4. Economic independence

We are all sons and daughters of the Earth and strive for peace and justice as well as adequate daily bread for all peoples. We do not depend on or wait for anyone at all to change the way things are, not even those in power. We do not need anyone's permission to contribute to the development process; we are the architects of our own destiny and not innocent bystanders. We will invest our intellect, resources, networks and time to build a better world, without expecting any remuneration, including political office. We will raise our own funds and build a better world with our own sweat.