International Development

The process of globalisation means that time, space and distance have been conquered and our lives are now inextricably connected, more than ever. Global Hands promotes international development and cooperation through a focus on building the capacities of individuals and communities both in and outside the UK. This will be done through a range of activities including international development schools; running a skills bank to utilise the knowledge of experts and lay people as well as providing volunteering opportunities in different parts of the world. Go to International Projects Page for more

Global Hands HUB - The Gambia 

The Hub has as its central purpose, teaching people how to fish instead of giving fish. It is a capacity building facility in The Gambia open to all. It has accommodation facilities for 35 people, houses the Global Hands Library in Maduar, and operates as a "living lab" where knowledge exchange takes place with a particular focus on development that addresses the urgent needs of emerging countries. 

Global Hands Library - 

The Library has become an important part of the HUB, creating a space for research and writing,  in the local community.