• #Inspire #Support #Educate
  • Who We Are

    We Global Hands London, GHL, seek to set and maintain the vision, mission and values of Global Hands.

    In June 2014, we participated in the Global Hands Gambia Development School in The Gambia, West Africa whereby we visited various towns and villages and took part in international development projects. This unforgettable experience was truly inspiring for us all which is why we decided to set up our own chapter and work in union with Global Hands.

    On the 16th August 2014, Global Hands London was formed.
    a cute puppy looking into the camera Beatrice Koroma


    a cute puppy looking into the camera Muna Hussein

    Vice-President & Head of Finance

    a cute puppy looking into the camera Zam Bamweyana

    Secretary & Head of Public Engagement and Education

    a cute puppy looking into the camera Kehinde Adeeyo

    Head of Marketing and Social Media

    a cute puppy looking into the camera Elizabeth Olaniyi

    Head of Youth Development

    Our Mission

    GHL aims to conduct various projects to help and support individuals, families and communities around the world. However, our main focus is to #inspire the minds of young people, give them the #support they need to increase their potential and #educate them towards having a brighter future.

    We believe that young individuals should be provided with the opportunity to succeed and if you educate the youth, you educate the next generation.

    global hands london motto image


  • To motivate and encourage young children and youth to strive for success and achieve their dreams
  • Give the hopeless hope
  • Encourage others to support good causes
  • To promote international development and focus on building the capacities of individuals and communities both in the UK and abroad
  • #Support

  • To support all Global Hands chapters and their activities
  • Supporting other charitable causes through volunteering, campaigning and raising awareness
  • To aid young children in their learning development
  • To offer help to the homeless
  • #Educate

  • To educate young children and youth about life skills
  • Act as a mentor for young children
  • Raise awareness about global issues such as global inequality, extreme poverty
  • Raise awareness about health issues faced by many people around the world
  • GHL Apprentice

    Education has the power to transform a child’s future. It gives them a chance to gain valuable knowledge and skills and to improve their lives. We GHL believe that developing life skills is all part of the education process and we are dedicated to inspiring the next generation of future leaders. In 2015, GHL seeks to launch our young entrepreneurs’ project, GHL Apprentice, which aims to give children an insight into business and enable them to recognise and develop important life skills.

    Workshops will focus on:
    Team building
    Creative thinking
    Public Speaking
    Personal discipline

    Impact on children:
    To give children an insight into business
    To promote creative thinking
    To develop confidence

    To increase their ability to work as a team
    To improve their mathematical skills
    To develop their presentation skills

    GHL believe that developing life skills is a significant aspect of the overall education process. Our project seeks to raise the attainment of children and help them develop skills and qualities that are key to their personal development and are transferable in all aspects of life, now and in their future careers. We want young children to recognise their talents, be inspired to believe in themselves and to not only dream but to dream big!

    Homeless Project

    The GHL homeless project seeks to create survival kits for homeless individuals and donate these kits to those in need. Each survival kit will have basic items including: a blanket, toothbrush, toothpaste, food and water. As well as providing homeless individuals with our survival kits, we will also provide them with advice and information regarding local soup kitchens, homeless shelters and organisations that provide support for homeless people.

    Supporting Other Causes

    Since forming Global Hands London, we have focused on setting up a strong foundation and have engaged in a number of activities. This includes raising awareness, campaigning and volunteering abroad:
    a cute puppy looking into the camera Fundraising for Manduar Development Hub:

    GHL helped to raise funds towards the Global Hands Manduar Development Hub. This was done by raising awareness and bucket collecting around the busy streets of London.

    a cute puppy looking into the camera Save The Children Ebola Campaign:

    In support of the charity Save The Children, GHL helped to raise funds in response of the Ebola outbreak. The Ebola crises was and still is a huge epidemic affecting many vulnerable children in West Africa and we are proud to have supported the cause.

    a cute puppy looking into the camera International Citizens Service Programmes:

    Elizabeth and Kehinde have spent 10 weeks in Bangladesh and Cambodia respectively supporting ICS through education, youth workshops, disaster risk reduction programmes and other activities.