Global Hands HUB - The Gambia 

The Hub has as its central purpose, teaching people how to fish instead of giving fish. It is a capacity building facility in The Gambia open to all. It has accommodation facilities for 35 people, houses the Global Hands Library in Maduar, and operates as a "living lab" where knowledge exchange takes place with a particular focus on development that addresses the urgent needs of emerging countries. 

Global Hands Library - 

The Library has become an important part of the HUB, creating a space for research and writing,  in the local community. 


BackWay to Europe Video and Campaign

This is a short documentary produced by Hexalens Media in collaboration with Global Hands, ADEPT, and James Skinner Films, exploring the "Backway" phenomenon (irregular youth migration) mainly from The Gambia in Sub-Saharan Africa, via Libya to mainland Europe. The documentary speaks of the hopelessness that drives youths from Sub-Sahara into perilous journeys across the desert and Mediterranean, often resulting in fatalities. This is a journey into the backway.