Who We Are

A forum created in the wake of the Coleman Ward Young People's Project. Global Hands Youth provides a platform for young people to explore personal, local, national and global issues. Global Hands Youth is for and by young people.

We are an innovative group of young people who have founded Global Hands Youth to utilise as a platform to push more young people into using their time more productively; both for themselves and in the service of others. We abhor the image of the stereotypical teen that does nothing to improve the world around them, and we wish to show people that we are not all the same and many of us do care.

How We Work

Our aim is to set up events which will bring the community of the city, as a whole, together to one place so people of all walks of life may integrate and discover the beauty of cultural harmony. These events will also serve as a platform for young people to build their own skill sets.

We also aim to fund workshops such as CV building, interview training and general skill building. We hope to establish ourselves such that young people would approach us with concept ideas for an event or project and we would then aid them in achieving this. The personal outcome for each teen would be making them more employable and helping them to achieve their lifetime ambitions. I believe that this organisation has the potential to grow exponentially and receive both regional and national recognition; pushing even more young people to facilitate their own growth.